Discount Toms shoes, a pair of canvas shoes: how to change the world?


Shoes play in our costumes integral role, when it comes to fine shoes, we think more spiky high heels worn by celebrities feet. However, in recent years, life of casual footwear also attracted more people’s attention. These casual footwear brands have their own way of operating, so that they have their own brand foothold in many of the shoe world.

“Let customers feel that they are paying a premium for charity, but feel they are obtained by the absolute value of a purchase. When you integrate leading business model — not a marketing gimmick but a real deep rooted Business — your customers will be more loyal. ”

In recent years, toms outlet store have not only put their own mark on the world of shoes, and do more.

Revolutionary combination of fashion and charity

US rich sense of morality is to produce footwear brand TOMS canvas shoes mountaineering, “buy one get one free” slogan for its extraordinary, it has not only revolutionized the foot of fashion, but in a relaxed measures to make charitable gifts the revolutionary changes have taken place.

TOMS founder Blake Matkowski philosophy is simple: the sale of every pair of shoes, one pair donated to a third world children.

Not long ago, Blake Matkowski to London for a brief visit, aimed at a new line of sunglasses on the market, and together with its same premise: the sale of each pair of glasses, it would be for the same Western Region to provide eye corrective surgery.

Black Matkowski said: “I travel in Argentina, met with some kids, they do not wear shoes and they especially need to have shoes to wear to school, but then I did not want to start doing charity because I felt. charity is completely on donations. toms outlet store online If contributions yet to come, then the children will not always have to wear shoes because they still need to have a pair, you can not always just wearing a pair, right? ”

Black Matkowski self-styled “chief officer donated shoes” and “serial entrepreneur.” He is from California Santa Monica, with full American looks like smooth shiny and dental good reputation. outlet toms Founder of TOMS brand in the past, 18 years old, he began to start a laundry business, a few years later opened an advertising company, and later a television broadcasting company. “I have never had a job,” he laughs, “but the customer is the boss, so my boss has a lot.” Great success behind the brand TOMS part of this story attributed to customer word of mouth to share. Black Matkowski never spent a penny to advertise, because he did not need. This in turn means that he can withstand 35 pounds of the sale price of his shoes. Of course, this will not only be able to keep the cost of the shoes foot wear, but also to keep a pair of gift.

He said: “I will never make my customers feel that they are paying a premium for charity, I want them to feel that they are obtained through a purchase of absolute value My philosophy is that when you integrate leading business model – toms clearance outlet not a marketing gimmick but actually deeply rooted in business — your customers will be more loyal they want to share stories, and make your employees have convinced things. “.

He went on to say: “This is Blake Matkowski in his new book,” to create something meaningful, “a philosophy in the show, and he hoped that other brands will make this consideration because it is really effective: since the company was founded to now, he has overseen the 23 countries, more than 2 million pairs of shoes supply. those shoes to the children’s lives have changed so true. ”

“For a Zambian children, the shoes simply means everything.” Fwasa Singogo explained. He is to carry forward the humanitarian spirit and love of a child health consultant international charity World Vision will.

He continued: “I can become a doctor because my father to buy me shoes inspired me today in this country, and still had the shoes is a luxury..”

Although children gift itself is the “lightweight canvas shoes” style designer, cheap toms outlet store and has conceived a new product.

Although TOMS is not a fashion brand, but Anna Wintour Stewart “fashion” magazine gave its first impulse, and shoes due to its star Sienna Miller loved and highly respected.

“People have never heard of anything can be like a pair of shoes donated so basic and easy now,” Blake Matkowski continued, “I think it was called the fashion industry so that they will us as their own: ‘wow, fashion is learning from Lei Feng, which we really have to go and the next one.’ ”

Eager to make durable products

Black Matkowski with Olsen sisters have also founded on a series of TOMS brand The Row ultra-luxury cashmere or wool cooperate. This project is the Olsen sisters to Black Matkowski raised. toms outlet online store Although Blake Matkowski recognize the characteristics of high-end fashion is not his, but he was eager to work with the Olsen sisters next project.


He went on to say: “I am particularly interested in whether the style popular thing today or tomorrow popular things are somewhat dependent on the current popular thing but that is why the shoes were designed to be so keen on a classic reason why I… to create something that people not only want to wear today, and 10 years, 100 years later, still want to wear. ”

From 2006 to fame so far, the United States casual canvas shoes TOMS by the brightest star of people’s favorite. Founder Blake Matkowski (Blake Mycoskie) insist on the sale of every pair of shoes, a pair of shoes to send children in poor areas. In his view, TOMS shoes lazy style similar to other brands introduced different, it is not just a product, but also a charity. Discount Toms Shoes Alone a clean water charity to how to profit? A pair of canvas shoes and how to change the world? Blake gives his answer. (Figure: TOMS founder Blake Matkowski)

Park Hyatt Beijing Language lobby floor 63, out of the window I looked out. High-rise towers, busy. The whole city seemed immersed in a glass of milk dilute thick uneven. Wait about 10 minutes, TOMS founder Blake Matkowski appeared. Breakfast time accepted the use of three interviews he made it seem a little tired, but still kept talking with excitement. He looked out the window, eyes flashing, as if seen through the fog. “I saw the possibilities, challenges and surprises in this fast-growing country where there is much to learn here (China) as a haven for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams…” A natural orator – I told him this is the first impression.

Discount TOMS shoes, and TOMS at the same time in a dream!

July 4 Independence Day, like the national Carnival lie, both well-known classic stripes or passionate beach culture, without exception, to tell the the free atmosphere. The dream of the daring freedom did you envy?

Fashionable stars and stripes, playing free dream
Attitude to life “play”, in the old system of informal, courage and creativity of the injection, toms outlet store has been advocated by the American culture essence. Hey, what is your motto is ready to “type” replacement? Start with a skateboard with a high degree of difficulty, Trick and practice N+1 times a High Electronic Music Festival is your stage. Your American attitude alone, with stylish to TOMS!
“Blue and red contrast and clever bright the Star Spangled Banner” stars and stripes, always play a role in the shape of the eye. outlet toms stars and stripes series shoes, retro do old effect of red stripe with the quiet of the navy blue, spontaneously fashionable feeling ready.
Romantic blue coast stepped out with Style
Americans can be described as the beach culture, young and old, comfort yourself is king. cheap toms outlet store The warm California, exudes the ocean blue and bright sunshine after the fusion of the relaxed atmosphere. Show the mermaid line, to a fully and delightfully beach volleyball; opportunity to stimulate the kite surfing is cool; or with the boy for you, just want to lie down in the sand, enjoy sunshine to the lazy, your beach time you say! The occasional TOMS heard that a pair of shoes and take all the more lazy oh!

Except at the beach barefoot, may wish to use a pair of TOMS shoes let lazy relax more sunshine. Straw soles reveals the returning to the natural breath, like a sea of light denim color and heel stripe design complement each other, the heel of the shoe leather design full of texture, tide men’s fashion modeling, a pair can be done!
In addition to the beautiful beach in Santa Monica, California, Losangeles street graffiti wall, also filled with hit creative atmosphere. Street artists usually an oversize T-shirt, a pair of pedal, picked up a brush and paint to create and amazing inspiration never need to draft and follow your heart, for the city into pleasant exciting. Are you going to the national day of the United States on the occasion, with the same unique playful pondering a “summer”?
Graffiti is not just a colorful, elegant white and high ash graffiti will also produce an unexpected fashion. toms shoes outlet online This pair of Toms ten years into loafers, irregular English letters 10 full vamp, recounting the fashionable tide coffee attitude, shoes printed with “ten” the words of the geometric patterns, the great universe at the same time, Weiweidaolai the toms of the tenth anniversary of the full of sincerity. BTW, this pair of shoes is also suitable for the influx of people to the second creation, can use their creativity in the letter coloring, to create a unique and exclusive Toms!
The trend, regardless of national boundaries, charity, across the globe. Every time you buy a pair of Discount Toms Shoes, we send out a pair of children’s needs.